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Guest Blogs

Excercise and the Writer

While I am still busy getting my manuscript ready for print, my best friend, a/k/a Brooklyn Fit-Chick, has graced my pages with her presence...Here is her guest blog entry for the new year. For all of you fellow writers (and readers), pay close attention...these tips will help to keep you writing and reading for a long, long time!!  I, for one, already practice the Meatless Mondays and it makes a world of difference. (Thanks, BFC!! You are the best!) 
Hello there!

Guest Blogger Post: Print isn't going anywhere...

During my recent visit to a book store in Sacramento, California for a book signing, I was privileged to meet a young writer with interesting insight in the bookstore world. For a published author, she confirmed what I always sort of knew...but found refreshing to hear it from someone so young and insightful.
Please enjoy today's guest blog by Drea Moore.
I love to read.  It’s how I started writing and it’s how I got a job in a bookstore. I love culture, which got me my degree in Anthropology, and keeps me puzzling over human behavior four years after graduation.

Semper Fidelis

This weeks Friday Feature Author is Jeremy Laszlo (The Blood and Brotherhood Saga, Clad in Shadow)
When I first opened Jeremy’s website, I was struck by his choice for cover art: dramatic, strong, passionate, dark. Yet, when I read his bio, his first sentence showed me an entirely different man.
“First and foremost I am a father and a husband.”
Fans of The Dante Chronicles know how I feel about family, and its importance to me...from the moment I read Jeremy’s opening statement; I knew I had to feature him here on my site.


Today's guest blogger is Doug Simpson.  
Doug's writing is a pure, breath of fresh air, and lives up to his title. A retired high school teacher who has turned his talents to writing, his first novel is a spiritual mystery titled Soul Awakening, and was published in the United States in October of 2011, by Book Locker ( His magazine and website articles have been published in 2010 to 2012 in Australia, Canada, France, India, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

"One day..."

Today’s guestauthorisD. Jean Quarles.As a devout reader, D. Jean Quarles spent her young years with a book in hand. Later she owned a bookstore and while writing was something she did, it wasn't until her children were grown that she completed her first women's fiction book, Rocky's Mountains. She is also the author of Perception, Fire in the Hole and her latest book, for young adults to be released April 19, Flight From the Water Planet. You can find her books at:

Memories of Florida

Today’s guest author’s blog is from Amy McGuire. Amy lives in Toronto with her husband and their young daughter.  She fell in love with English Literature in high school but was creating poems and stories almost as soon as she could pick up a pencil.  Her first published novel,Sweet Love, a young adult romance set in British Columbia, was released on Amazon and Amy's site on February 12, 2012.

As the weather becomes colder in the fall and warmer in the spring I always either look forward to a vacation in Florida or look back on the one I just experienced with my family.

The Finish Line

Maggie Singleton has been freelance editing for the past four years, and has provided professional technical editing for an Army contractor for the past 10 years... all while caring for three great kids under that age of seven! She is now discovering life on the other side of the red pen as a writer. She tells me she “couldn't be happier!”  I say, “Me, too!” Her debut book, “Milk Diaries”, should be finished some time this summer, and I for one can’t wait. Good luck, Maggie!
I have this rather nasty habit when I run.


James Strait is not just an author, pilot, broadcaster, avid cyclist, and devoted husband…he is a survivor who meets life head on and doesn’t take prisoners. I am so incredibly honored that he agreed to guest blog on my website. His moving and honest words come from his heart and soul. I know this because he has touched mine deeply.  
As a lifelong rule, I’ve refrained from tooting my own horn. I’ve always perceived myself as competent at everything I’ve done, but I’ve always baulked at promoting myself.

Lizzie & Clara shop for Tattoos

Today's Guest Blog was
 written by Betsy A. Riley. Betsy lives in Maryland, where she works for the federal government. In April of 2011, she ventured into self-publishing using CreateSpace’s Print On Demand (POD) option (Woo-hoo! Yeah, team!!). Since then, her imprint (Blue Dragon Press) has published 6 books. Betsy’s poems and short stories have also appeared in several magazines and anthologies by other publishers. Her Author site can be found at http://brws.comand her imprint site is


Looking for all authors, bloggers and wanna-be writers willing to share a bit of your time pontificating about something memorable to you.
Would love to see some posts on: cooking, hunting, tattooing, writing, reading, teaching, college days, love, martial arts. family, children, travel, and life in general.
Posting will be on a first come, first serve basis and will post in-between my own.
Please give me some info on yourself also, so I can give you a brief but uplifting intro to my readers.

Kindred Spirits with a Flashlight

     Nothing I do is ever without motive or means. Ever!
     It is with that in mind that I am more than proud to present to you today’s guest blogger...Sam Reeves. Why? Because the man can flat-out write!
     His ability to paint vistas and build cities with words is like none other I’ve read and his wit is, I hate to admit, sharper than mine. Uncertain if he would take the bait of my offer, I was so pleased that he did...because it gives me a chance to tell him, in my own personal forum.

Stickies and Flags!

While I toil away on primp and polish of THE BROTHERHOOD, my right-hand person is sitting in at blog control…my sister Candy. She is not only my partner-in-crime, and my go-to person for running hare-brained ideas across; that sometimes give her nightmares; but she also proofreads, dries tears, types, listens, proofreads, types, listens some more, and overall is the greatest support team a writer, and sister, could ever have. Without her, THE DANTE CHRONICLES would still be just a composition notebook waiting to become landfill.

A Novel Approach…

Today, while I work on getting The Brotherhood formatted and loaded for print, I have a special guest.Chris Messer (elementary school teacher, husband, father, and long-time family friend) who is a very thoughtful scribe and should really consider writing his own novel (hint, hint), has graciously agreed to be my guest blogger. Thanks, Chris! Enjoy!
In today’s gratify-me-now culture, reading books seems a bitof an unconventional way to pass the time, especially if you are a kid.