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Best Served Cold
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One-Line Story...Finally!
A Really Special Find...and new friend...
My long awaited collaboration with Sam Reeves

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My Blog


Best Served Cold

I love writing with Anthony Slawson.

He has a poetic verve that invades my core and inspires me beyond all belief. I have tried in the past to encourage him to pursue his writing further, and maybe still one day he will. Today, I am just happy to be the writer he chose to work with now.

Did I mention I love writing with Anthony Slawson?

This short story is a continuation of Malachi Thorne and Dara…not everything has a happy ending. Sometimes…its better.

Best Served Cold (PDF — 154 KB)

One-Line Story...Finally!

This is a short story born out of an old favorite writing exercise I post to a reading and writing group I started on Facebook called “The Erudite.”
Big thanks to Danielle Goddard, Sam Reeves, Anita Bernard, Lynn Martin, Maureen Indelicato, Jeanie Smith, and Marilyn Baptiste for their talents and hard work.
As usual, he sat alone at the table in the back with a cup of cold, black coffee and a nearly burned up cigarette dangling precariously from his fingers.
He was lost in thought and unaware of who just strolled through the door.

My long awaited collaboration with Sam Reeves

Yes, finally, I can say I have collaborated with the great Sam Reeves. And not just ONE story...TWO! Very proud of both of these and look forward to more in the future (hint! hint!)
Who is Sam Reeves you ask?
When anyone asks Sam Reeves, “Have you ever been published?” he typically answers, “Of course I have! What kind of question would you ask me if I were a proctologist?”  He then smiles and mumbles something about an e-zine article that probably still exists somewhere in the cyberwild in some archive in some warehouse basement on a server covered in mold that has begun to develop rudimentary language skills.

Beautiful; A Collaboration

Once again, I've been given the opportunity to work with a favorite writer. Red Lily Pixie (@MiamiTrue on Twitter) is a formidable collaborator and one of the brightest minds I know. She came up with a great idea and challenged me to create a one-of-a-kind world and family with each and every email.
Thank you, Lily! This was a great, fantastical roller coaster ride!! Can't wait for the next one!
Please enjoy...

Friday Feature Artist - Lily, "The Promise"

Three months ago, I dropped a bomb on Lily (Twitter name @MiamiTrue)…I suggested writing another short story with me that would run on Halloween…
Well, we didn’t make the proposed deadline, but we did come up with a pretty good little tale here, and the driving force behind it all is Lily. All I did was send her seventy-five words, and she was off to the finish line.
This work, I am proud and honored to say, is all Lily. Playingstraight man to such a formidable writer is amazing. To sit back and watch and see the talents reveal themselves can leave you breathless at times, but with a talent like that of Lily, you are driven to be better and give the very finest you have.

The Interview

Since releasing my first novel two years ago, I’d been wanting to collaborate with another writer on a short story or two. I knew I wanted it to be an independent writer, someone with their own mind and with a distinct, declarative style. It didn’t matter to me if they were published or not, I just wanted it to be someone unique.
A.Slawson, author ofDaemian PenDragon's Vampire Journalon Twitter (@SlawsonTony) was that person.
I happened upon Mr. Slawson via another Twitter follower’s recommendation and was immediately hooked by his Vampire Journal.