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California Author's Invitational 2012 - Author's

California Author's Invitational: Louise Crawford

I was perusing Louise Crawford's website ( to gather info to comprise an intro for her blog entry, but found that I couldn't tell you about her any better than is stated there:
"Louise Crawford holds an M.A. in Psychology – handy in developing characters and their murderous motivations. She started writing 16 years ago and is an award-winning author of over 14 books. For fans of her Blaize/Zoloski mysteries featuring psychologist Blaize McCue and Detective Stephanos Zoloski, her fourth in the series, Blaize of Trouble, will be out soon.

California Author's Invitational: Gail McGonigle

Gail McGonigle is a retired Occupational therapist with 25 years experience with elderly patients, who provided care for her father in his home as he aged and could no longer live alone.
Her book "Dad's Home Alone" ( looks at a subject that we will all face at one time...some of us are facing it now.
"Dad's Home Alone, Caring For Your Elderly Parent, is a guide and resource for everyone with elderly loved ones. It presents aging chronologically, from independence, to progressively declining function, to death, and the tasks that follow.

California Author's Invitational - Stephanie Etcheverria

Stephanie Etcheverria is amazing. I asked her for a write up of her experience as an invitee at CalExpo California Author's Invitational...and instead, she tells me a story of something near and dear to her heart that involves some even more amazing young writers.
"The California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom is excited to be part of the California Author Exhibit at the California State Fair.
Four state winning authors from the 2011Imagine this… Story Writing Contest

California Author's Invitational: Elaine Macko

Presenting a guest blog by fellow California Author Invitee, Elaine Macko
I always wanted to be a writer. I also always wanted to travel and finally, in my early thirties, I made the trip across the Atlantic for a one-week tour of London. That one-week trip ultimately turned into a twelve-year odyssey that took me to Belgium.
Toward the end of my stay in Europe I found myself out of a job and bored. A friend told me this time was actually a gift and that I should do something I always wanted to do.

California Author's Invitational: M.L. Hamilton

Here is a guest blog by one of my fellow invitees, M.L. Hamilton, called "State Fair Musings"

Two years ago I heard about the author booth at the California State Fair. I wanted to be a part of it, but I wasn’t really sure what the experience would be like. I thought I’d sell a few books, meet some nice people, and eat some unmentionable fried concoction. Two of those things happened – my waist wants me to avoid fried unmentionables.
This year I returned to the fair with delight, knowing that I would meet so many unique people, especially my fellow authors.

California Author's Invitational: Jennifer Walker

There is a California Author Invitee this year who is my new hero…she is a ballroom dancer who just happens to be married to a chef!
Jennifer Walker, author ofBubba Goes National, and the sequel,Bubba to the Rescue, spreads her time over several areas including business writing, virtual book tours, showing her Arabian stallions and something very near and dear to my heart…she performs ballroom dancing.
When she’s not writing, Jennifer enjoys spending time with her husband, Greg Walker, who started his writing career in the early 1980s while at the University of California, but let it take a backseat to his pursuit of a lifelong dream of becoming a professional chef.

California Author's Invitational 2012 - Cindy Sample

“When I was eight, my dream was to be a super cool detective like Nancy Drew, racing around town in a sky blue roadster. At sixteen, my goal was to be an awesome mystery writer like Agatha Christie. A few decades and diversions later, I was a newly divorced Mom and CEO, driving my kids to cheerleading and soccer practice. In a sky blue SUV.”
So opens the website of Cindy Sample, an invitee of the California Author’s at CalExpo. Only having met Cindy via email and from reading (and re-Tweeting to my following) her first chapter of

California Author's Invitational 2012 - Jennifer Martin

Having met Jennifer personally, and knowing the full story behind her novel,The Huna Warrior: The Magic Begins, I was already intrigued…had I not, and happened upon her website, I would be immediately struck bythe opening sentence:
“In the Polynesian language, the word Huna means that which is hidden and refers specifically to knowledge of the spiritual nature of man.”
I asked Jennifer to tell me a little about her time at Cal Expo for the California Author’s Exposition and she had this to say:

California Author's Invitational 2012

For the next two weeks, I will be posting and hosting short bits, blogs and long journals from the author's I am featured with at the California Author's Invitational at CalExpo.
Their numbers are many, and their talents run deep. Please enjoy and be sure to check out their works.