My personal Visual Cast of The Dante Chronicles: Sean Donohue
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My personal Visual Cast of The Dante Chronicles


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My personal Visual Cast of The Dante Chronicles: Sean Donohue

As I write, I envision certain actors in the parts to give voice to the dialogues. Sean Donohue is an interesting case.The character is drawn from a real, live police officer I know and love, so finding an actor to portray him isn’t easy because there is no one like the real thing. Based solely on a single moment of film, the only actor in my mind that comes remotely close is Thomas Jane.
In the movie “The Punisher” (the first one, not the ridiculous do-over), Jane portrays Frank Castle, the ill-fated Marvel character who is set on the road by the Saint family when Castle’s entire family is assassinated after a botched drug sale goes fatally wrong. Jane fills the character aptly, and since it is a physically demanding role, he looks the part.
Sean is also a physically demanding part, but there are moments of sheer terror and emotion that need to be played well, or else they will seem comical. In “The Punisher”, when Frank Castle is trying to defend his family, he runs to look for his wife and son down an endless pier to where their bodies lay. There is amoment, as Jane is running at full speed down the pier, that he realizes what he is running towards and his face goes from anger, to terror, to anguish in a matter of frames. You feel this with him, and empathize when he gives up in defeat to his family’s murderers. Sean is a tough role for me to cast, especially since I wrote him with the real deal in mind, but if I were to pick one actor, Thomas Jane would be the one.
I am certain that you, the reader, saw someone else when you first read Sean…I encourage you to share your “vision” here and why. I am always interested to hear what images my writing brings to mind in my readers.

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