Mypersonal Visual Cast of The Dante Chronicles: Ashteroth
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Mypersonal Visual Cast of The Dante Chronicles: Ashteroth

As I write, I envision certain actors in the parts to give voice to the dialogues. Ashteroth, or Ash, youngest of the Dante brothers, is a special case unto himself. He is virtually three characters in one at the start: young Corson, maturing Corson and Ash, therefore if played out on screen, would require one adept at playing out the pervasive mental disorder of Corson’s brain washing with ease and confidence, yet still be able to convey the fire and drive of the real Ash forging through. The day I “cast” Ashteroth, I happened to catch a movie on cable called “Adam”, starring Hugh Dancy.
Dancy portrays the title role beautifully, and depicts the nuances of Asberger’s Syndrome with great restraint and subtlety. A very giving performance to his fellow actors, as they are easily moved throughout the script, growing-up and along with Adam as he learns to love himself as well as his upstairs neighbor. Dancy is quick to change, and moves well, not from symptom to symptom as some actors might, but from characteristic to characteristic. It is the same flow of movement I wanted conveyed in the Corson/Ash period; depicting more of a disability than a true possession.
Watching Dancy, I recalled seeing him previously in a little known werewolf picture called, “Blood and Chocolate,” where he portrays a cartoonist in love with a werewolf who is promised to the Alfa male of the pack. The script had some holes, to say the least, but Dancy again found a way to shine through. With his true love betrayed by family, he feels her pain; tries repeatedly to ease it, and would sacrifice anything for her if it would make things better. This was the element of the true Ashteroth, and I knew after seeing “Adam” and remembering the werewolves standoff…I’d found my Ash.
I am certain that you, the reader, saw someone else when you first read Ash…I encourage you to share your “vision” here and why. I am always interested to hear what images my writing brings to mind in my readers.

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