Friday Night Feature Blog: Girls Rock, to the 5th Power
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Friday Night Feature Blog: Girls Rock, to the 5th Power

This week’s Friday Night Feature is not an author as usual, but several “artists” who are very influential, and a great support to my work. It wasn’t until someone outside my circle pointed it out to me that they are all women…They weren’t chosen out of some need to fulfill a feminist goal…it just happened that wau. But lucky for me…it did!
Sharon Smith (Editor)
My right arm and Grammar Goddess, Sharon is a retired educator of over thirty years. So dedicated to helping me with my series, she has been known to drive all the way from her home in Oregon to spend a week in the BayArea to get the job done. She is not just an editor…she is my friend, and can view my writing objectively, as well as like that of a fan. I was lucky to find her, and even luckier that she agreed to help. We met through my sister when they worked together, and she quickly became part of the family. My trust in her ability to help me with my ‘comma problem’ and various other creative punctuation is boundless, and luckyily for me, she has the patience of a saint.
Liz Tapia
Liz is a lyric coloratura soprano and the lead singer of Dark Beauty; featured artist on my website. The bands website ( describes Liz’s voice as “smooth,warm, versatile…adds infinite textures to the epic music she writes and performs.” In all honesty, her music needs to be heard  and felt to truly get the full presentation.
I first heard of Dark Beauty on Twitter, having been directed there by another of their devout followers. The first song I sampled on iTunes, “Mystery of the Mind” sounded as if it was being sung by one of my characters. Immediately purchasing all three selections, I found the other two songs to be just as emotive and evocative as the last. I had been looking for music to accent my newly christened website…I knew I had to get Dark Beauty to jump on board. I crossed my fingers and sent a message. Luckily, we hit it off and they are not just my featured musical artist, but my friends, too. I encourage you to visit their website and purchase their music.
Still have my fingers crossed for where this project could go. With my book reading like a screenplay….I can easily see a need for a theme song. What better selection than Dark Beauty.
Niki Ward
After viewing a stunning family photo entry for a contest I ran on Facebook, I followed the website address on the photo corner, to a gorgeous site for a photographer named Niki Ward (
Niki doesn’t just shoot portraits;she captures moments.
She also has an extensive wedding portfolio with her partner and best friend Kim Scott. On their website (,a description of their work from their blog page reads:
“There's an energy that moves you when you see the wedding images from Kim and Niki. As "masters of the moment" their photo journalistic approach captures emotions, perhaps a private moment between a newly married couple, or carefully planned precious details. They love what they do, and it shows in their artistic images, as well as in the way they interact with people.”
After I read that, coupled with the images on her personal site and the beautiful entry from my contest, I knew she was the photographer to help me check off another rung on my ladder.
My photo sitting wasn’t a sitting, but more like two long-time friends getting together and goofing around. I was immediately at ease and found myself talking to a total stranger like an old buddy. The portraits of that afternoon are used throughout my website, Facebook page, and all the marketing materials flooding the web and mail.
Margo Donohue
No one goes out looking for a best-friend…it just sort ofhappens.
Margo Donohue, my bestest-friend in the whole wide world, is a one of a kind find.
Her mini bio on her blog ( her as:
“An optimist/smart-ass who wants to get the whole world inshape. Interests: Music, travel, food, wine, movies,books, cycling, fitness, arts, gossip, healthy living, and knowing way too muchabout shows on Bravo TV.”
Margo, or as I know her, Margrock, is a certified fitness instructor, and her extensive knowledge is not lost on me. Writing is a sedentary profession. I rely on her tutelage to keep my writer’s block at bay, and refer to her often as the “Goddess of Fitness and Fun” because she is…She keeps me grounded and always looking forward.
Kathy Kenyon Crummy
If you have read any of my bios, you know full well how I started writing.
Kathy, is that red-haired teacher that gave me the push I needed. I wasn’t able to get a copy of The Kindred to her before she passed away, but every now and then, I’ll be talking to someone about my books, or out shopping for supplies, and I will see a woman with red-hair like hers, and I have an overwhelming moment of déjà vu. Somehow, I think the universe is telling me that she knows...and I think...I hope she’d be happy and proud.

2 Comments to Friday Night Feature Blog: Girls Rock, to the 5th Power:

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Liz on Friday, June 01, 2012 11:09 AM
Deborah, I just wanted to say thank you so much for this beautiful writeup on myself and Dark Beauty! We are so excited to be featured on your website and fantastic that Mystery of the Mind Remix ties into one of your characters! I think the future brings both of us wonderful opportunities, and I look forward to reading more of your wonderful novels! Much success to you and all the other artists here mentioned on your blog. With love and respect, Liz Tapia and The Dark Beauty Team
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Sharon Smith on Tuesday, June 05, 2012 11:08 AM
Hey Ho, Deb! Happy, honored, and privileged to be one of many in the Cota/Dante Chronicles Family--glad to be of help! I'm looking forward to editing Book Three of the Chronicles for its projected publication early in 2013. Write On!!!
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