Friday Night Feature Author: Eileen Gonzalez
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Friday Night Feature Author: Eileen Gonzalez

My Friday Night Feature Author is Eileen Gonzalez (Life According to Me; AuthorHouse, January 30, 2012, ISBN: 9 78-1468545234).
When I asked Eileen for a little something for me to write an intro for her guest post, she told me I could use her Bio from Facebook…but what she sent me after that was far more personal and touching than anything I could write. Her honest words always highlight my day and inspire me to go ever forward in reaching my goals. She said:
 “I can tell you that today, I am a person who will do anything or try anything that I feel or believe I can do. If I want it, I will go after it…..that is a huge change from who I was not so long ago. Today, I understand that “I create my life” therefore I know that every choice I make will either get me closer or further from my goals……thus I choose to do the things that get me closer. I have a greater appreciation for those around me and for myself. I have a greater tolerance and respect for people who have different views than I do, I see difference as an opportunity to learn from each other rather than as a challenge or disagreement. All this came from getting clear on who I was vs. who I wanted to be and getting clear on my goals. Once you do this, everything else is background noise; everything you experience is helping you on your journey.
Today I love life, and I can honestly tell you I appreciate everyone I come in contact with. If you made me cry or if you hurt me, you make me stronger and wiser.”
Bravo, Eileen…and thank you!
You can’t fix someone’s life
You can’t make their problems go away
You can’t erase their hurt
You can be there for them
You can hold their hand
You can be their friend
You can be the shoulder for them to cry
You can lift them up when they are weak to do so on their own
You can hold back on opinions and JUST LISTEN to them
Share your love and kindness with others.
Be there in heart and spirit, your love is all they need.
We tend to get stuck on what is real or not; if we can see it, smell it or touch it, it’s real. Yet with that mentality we miss the point. We miss the magic that happens every day in our lives or in the lives of others.
A young scrawny boy is determined to run a race. A race he is not prepared for, he is not fast enough, strong enough nor has he competed. Yet the boy wants to run that race. He runs with all his might, he pushes beyond his own strength, he stumbles and gets up to continue his race. Never noticing how many runners have passed by him, yet he continues to run. Can you picture this in your mind? Can you see this scrawny boy running as hard and fast as he can? Regardless if this boy wins the race or not….his DETERMINATION makes him a winner.
Determination can’t be seen in a picture, or in a smile, it can only be observed by the actions of the person who is determined to succeed.
Determination turns a scrawny kid into a powerful runner. Determination turns a disabled person into a motivational speaker. Determination transforms you from a victimto an advocate.
It is our determination that will get us through to the next phase in our lives.
• It is time you get up and be determined to do the things you must do.
• It is time you stop complaining
• It is time you take ownership of your failures and rise above to make the life you want.
Look past the obvious and see the greatness that lives in you
Fear is the hidden enemy
It lurks within your mind
Taunts you in your sleep
Convinces you that you are less
Keeps you trapped in his prison
Fear is the hidden enemy
He is hidden because he does not exist
He is weak thus it feeds on your power
He keeps you trapped so that he can live
Only you can destroy fear
Only you can silence him
Only you can release yourself from his grip
You do this with your commitment, determination, and your focus to do that which scares you. You do this by silencing the voices that tell you “you can’t”.
You do this by CHOOSING to move forward despite the fear.
Fear is the hidden enemy and only cowards hide
Opportunity knocks on your door every day.
It comes in the form of:
• a stranger with an offer
• family member with an idea or suggestion
• newspaper articles , news, TV show, magazine
• dreams
• reading a book, listening to a CD
• a RANDOM idea
We come across opportunities every day, some we quickly dismiss as “impossible” or we give some thought yet we convince ourselves “we are not capable”.
No matter how opportunity arrives in your life, if it caught your attention, YOU OWE IT to yourself to give it a chance.
You owe it to yourself to know how much you can do, to discover your full potential, to use the gifts from your higher source.
When opportunity knocks, it’s because it’s your time to take action. Failure to take action is the only TRUE form of FAILURE.
When opportunity knocks……make the the door or let it knock on someone else’s door.
It's your choice

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