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June 2012

What I learned this month - June

What did I learn this month?
This month, I learned one really big, hard lesson…That sometimes doing nice things, although meaning well, can come back and slap you silly up one side and down the other.
Simple. It involveschange, and people; even the so-called flexible types; do not fair well with change.
Change makes people nervous because it leaves you temporarily vulnerable. For some, any amount of helplessness or exposure is too much. It causes stress, which leads to a bounty of other problems.

Friday Night Feature: "Effective!"

This week’s Friday Night Feature, is once againnot an author...well, not of printed words at least, but through his eye and artistry, he speaks volumes in a single frame.
If you venture toJOEL ROBISON’S website ( you’ll read many comments by readers and fans praising his works with such platitudes as wonderful, stunning, whimsical and the much used ‘inspiring’, which are all very true...but this patron (humble way of saying ardent fan) sees much more than those adjectives.

Friday Feature Writer: Reading to Kids

This weeks Friday Feature Writer, unfortunately was delayed due to my May 5th event in Lodi...but hopefully, she will forgive me. If not, I'll just tell our Mom.
You see, she is my sister Laura (I call her Lori, and at one time Yo-Yo) She writes a colum on child development and advice to parents on parenting issues for Shehas been working in the Early Childhood Education field for twenty years, is a mother of four, has a grandson and is a cancer survivor. She has done many things in her life that she is proud of.

Friday Night Feature Author: Eileen Gonzalez

My Friday Night Feature Author is Eileen Gonzalez (Life According to Me;AuthorHouse, January 30, 2012,ISBN:9 78-1468545234).
When I asked Eileen for a little something for me to write an intro for her guest post, she told me I could use her Bio from Facebook…but what she sent me after that was far more personal and touching than anything I could write. Her honest words always highlight my day and inspire me to go ever forward in reaching my goals. She said:
 “I can tell you that today, I am a person who will do anything or try anything that I feel or believe I can do.

Friday Night Feature Blog: Girls Rock, to the 5th Power

This week’s Friday Night Feature is not an author as usual, but several “artists” who are very influential, and a great support to my work. It wasn’t until someone outside my circle pointed it out to me that they are all women…They weren’t chosen out of some need to fulfill a feminist goal…it just happened that wau. But lucky for me…it did!
Sharon Smith (Editor)
My right arm and Grammar Goddess, Sharon is a retired educator of over thirty years. So dedicated to helping me with my series, she has been known to drive all the way from her home in Oregon to spend a week in the BayArea to get the job done.

Friday Feature Author?...ARTIST!

Friday’s Feature Author, is not an author, but an artist.
A haute couture designer named J-na
My first contact with J-na was via a tweet that she post where she simply said,“Dreams heal!”
I’d read this shortly after a bad dizzy spell from the benign tumor residing in my ear. I had been writing and was having trouble focusing afterward. Frustrated, I instead picked up my phone to play a game and get my mind off of the episode, when I received a tweet from a friend. While there I happened upon J-na’s words.

What did I learn this month: May 2012

Slow month...but boy oh boy am I glad it's behind me!
1.Sometimes time is just not on your side.
May was a frustrating month of stops and starts, broken promises, delays, missed appointments, cancellations and pretty much any other speed bump, and roadblock life could hand me. So many in fact, that I stopped writing…Completely.
Eventually, after an extensive review, I re-worked my outline which absorbed an additional week of time that should have been spent with pen to paper creating.