What I Learned this month - March 2012
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What I Learned this month - March 2012

Life is funny.
It’s good, it’s bad…sometimes it’s really bad, but in it all, is a lesson we learn about ourselves. We go through life with others around us, but when it comes down to it, we are all alone through it all from beginning to end. Every day, something happens, and it is up to us to either deal with it and move on, or wallow in it and stay put. This last month, I learned where my Achilles heel lies…it’s with family.
Usually, my own personal issues are; on a scale of one-to-ten; about a five, but it wasn’t always that way.
In my 20’s everything was a ten…Everything!  
Broke a nail: 10!
Late for work: 10!
Fight with boyfriend: 10!
Late for work because of a fight with my boyfriend and I broke a nail slamming his car door: Well...there just wasn’t a scale large enough for this back then!
In my early 30’s, it was a crap shoot, and issues ranged from seven to eight-point-nine, because I started to realize that some things just didn’t matter. 
Broke a nail: 8; cut the rest down because it must mean a vitamin deficiency. Note to self: buy milk!
Late to work: 8.9; trouble sleeping, must mean a vitamin deficiency. Note to self: buy milk!
Fight with boyfriend: 7; he complained that I am always sick, the prick!  I think I might be lactose intolerant. Note to self: Look into Soy milk!
Late for work because of a fight with my boyfriend, and then I scratched the paint on his car with my nail slamming the door: 8.5; What the hell was he thinking bringing me a milkshake? He knows I’m lactose intolerant! Inconsiderate ass! My nails are so strong now! Yea, me!
Then one day, in my late 30’s, my one really serious relationship ended after six years of endless drama, drama, and more drama…and I walked away without tears, anger, remorse, and stronger than ever before because I finally got it…the small stuff just doesn’t matter. And believe me, in comparison to other things, this was really, REALLY small.
I learned to better deal with issues, gained a level of patience that would rival any saint that is worshipped in the current day and time, and found a balance in myself that I had never seen before.
Life was good...really good...
Until something happened with family…
It’s an emotional connection that I cannot clip for even a second to focus on work, my writing, or even my day to day necessities (Groceries comes to mind, especially when I opened the cupboard and all I found was a box of saltines and bottle of green ketchup).
Then suddenly, there was my focus again…It took a little bit of reflection, but I finally figured out what would help me regain my direction…it was the very thing that made me lose it in the first place.
Family helped me redirect the excess emotions, and channel them onto the written page, direct them into cleaning the house from top to bottom, and even finish reading a series of books I’d been sitting on for awhile.
Just like in my books, my Kindred, is my greatest weakness, but also my greatest strength. Forever fighting demons together and defying their demands that we bow down to each and every one of their overly dramatized needs, because they simply aren’t important.
And when you really think about it, in the end...Nothing else matters!

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