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March 2012

5-Star Reviews or nothing...

I have this t-shirt I wear that says...
     “There is nothing to writing, you just sit down and open a vein...”
WhenI used to sit around with my musings, scribbles and scraps, this was just an amusing anecdote that I thought thoroughly described the ‘drama’ that appeared to surround scribes of all professions. Then I wrote my first novel, and it wasn’t so funny anymore...because it’s true.
There are basic steps to creating a book, and everyone who writes one or teaches others how to write one, has their own variations of those basics which usually includes: an outline (of some sort), a list of characterization(s), a summary of the book, and the body or manuscript.

What did we learn last month...?

This month we learned that the fine line between freedom of speech and bullying is the same line between flirting and sexual harassment...and that line isignorance.
For those of you that know me well, you have heard my tirades on ignorance first hand. They aren’t pretty, but they are honest and to the point. I have no stomach for it and feel it is the root-of-all-evil in the world we live in today.
By definition, ignorance is lack of knowledge, education, or awareness.
Seems simple enough and an easy task to overcome, yes?