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Stickies and Flags!

While I toil away on primp and polish of THE BROTHERHOOD, my right-hand person is sitting in at blog control…my sister Candy. She is not only my partner-in-crime, and my go-to person for running hare-brained ideas across; that sometimes give her nightmares; but she also proofreads, dries tears, types, listens, proofreads, types, listens some more, and overall is the greatest support team a writer, and sister, could ever have. Without her, THE DANTE CHRONICLES would still be just a composition notebook waiting to become landfill.
Thank you for everything,Candy!
Please take amoment, and enjoy!
           You go to your favorite bookstore because your favorite author is signing their latest book, and you want your copy signed.  It gives you a special feeling to get that signature; to actually have the chance to talk to the author.
            But do you ever wonder what goes into putting that book together? How much work goes into the whole process?  If you use a publishing company they do all the work; you just turn your book over to them. But, if you self-publish, YOU do all the work.
           EVERYTHING! Writing, editing, book cover, publicity, sales etc.
            I have actually helped a local author put her book together.  This author chose to self-publish her book. Which means, she had to do EVERYTHING! Just the fact that all of these ideas, characters, scenes & dialogue are in one persons brain is mind boggling to me.
            For a year or two, you will always see the author with a notebook, pens, mini- tape recorder at hand and as soon as an idea pops in her head, she is writing, writing, writing…before you know it she is handing me six to eight hand written chapters. 
            Why? Because I volunteered to decipher, and type the book for her.
            The first thing I learned is DO NOT READ what you are typing (you will never finish).  I did that for the first two chapters and it took forever to type them. You must type straight through, mistakes and all. 
            Once the rough draft is typed, get some stickies and flags, and tag the pages you have questions about. After the author has made the changes, go back and fix the typed copy. You will be doing this procedure six or seven times (or more).
            Then the author will have an editor (very good friend who is excellent at grammar, and punctuation) run through the book. 
            More changes, more typing! 
            Now, I finally get the chance to read the entire book! (Stickies and flags, stickies and flags – again tag anything you question.)
            Re-type one last time (hopefully).
            All-in-all it is a very long and time consuming project, but well worth it when you see the finished product.  It is exciting to know that I helped someone fulfill their dream.
            On to book two, three…!

2 Comments to Stickies and Flags!:

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D. N. Brenner on Sunday, January 08, 2012 4:40 PM
Deborah, I'm comforted to know you have such a supportive sister to help out, which is essential to impede the moments of doubt, reluctance and fear, as you move towards your dream. Thank you for your guidance and wisdom as I begin my journey towards becoming a published author. Your passion is very clear and reading your story elicits emotion and joy for me as I read. I equate your story to Dan Brown's "Angels & Demons." I can't wait to read "The Brotherhood!
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Sam Reeves on Monday, January 09, 2012 9:45 AM
I am horrible about reading what I have written before I finish the draft. I write like I sketch -- keep going over one section repeatedly in layers until it's finished and moving to the next. This comes out of fear. Every time I forget that it is supposed to sound like crap in the rough draft stage and that what I read from bookstore shelves only got that way after a lot of polish. I also read one of your posts from March 25, 2011. It answered my question about whether you outline. I really like the snowflake approach you take, starting with chapter headings and progressively expanding the stages in a macro to micro fashion. I going to try it for my next project.
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