C-ya 2011...
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C-ya 2011...

As this year winds down and we ready for the next to begin, just like everyone else, I am reflective…and find myself repeating the three-W’s over and over…
WOO-HOO, Whoa, and Wow!
Mind you, it hasn’t all been moonlight and roses this last year. There were some very scary, troublesome, and heartbreaking moments that took my breath away, but there were some really good moments that did the same, too. Taking a cue from my best friend’s blog, I asked myself: What did I learn last year?
The following is a top-20 look at all that was learned in the life of this aspiring, would-be writer in 2011…
1.    Family is worth more than anything in the world, and should never be taken for granted…ever.  Time flies. Life passes. There is no rewind button or chance for a do-over. Whatever you toss aside now is gone, and it’s your loss.
2.    Real friends, the ones that have been there for you through it all and those that never forgot about you even though time and distance came between you, are worth that of your family (See above).
3.    Never underestimate the power of honest communication.Your voice can bring people closer to you, weed out the one’s that really don’t matter, and if allowed, when written down well, inspire others to read or maybe even to write.
4.     Always keep a notebook handy. You never know from where or whom, your next opening line will come from.
5.    I hate cancer…but it’s only real strength lies in its name. Ask my mom. Ask my sister. It can be beat, and it holds no power, now or ever, over anyone named ‘Cota.’
6.    If you ever want, or need, to test your inner strength, level of patience and true merit? Buy a house.
7.    Writing a novel or two is cheaper than any time spent on an analyst’s couch and ten times more fun.
8.    Once a performer, always a performer! I’ve tap danced more lately trying to sell my book than I ever did trying to get a talent agent. Some bought the act, others just said ‘next.’…but they’ll never forget me and that’s for damn sure!
9.    I used to hate the phrase, “Go big, or go home.” It always seemed so clichéd…trite…but, it’s true. If you want anything in this world, it’s the only way to go. Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer, and anyone who tells you “you can’t…” had better watch out, because you can and will!
10.  Facebook and Twitter are not the devil…there are some fiends that use it for ill means, yes…but, for those of us that use it for its real and true purpose…it’s the next best thing to a screwdriver (that’s both in tool and drink form).
11.   Dance. Even if you think you can’t or aren’t any good. It makes you happy; get’s your heart pumping and relaxes your soul. Everyone can use a little moment to get their groove on once in awhile.
12.   Eat your vegetables!
13.   Go to the doctor and get a checkup. What one visit can prevent now, could be a life saver later.
14.   Re-read an old favorite book. You’ll discover things about it, and you, that you never knew before.
15.   Planting flowers in memory of friends lost, helps the grieving process and allows you to move on (Lynn Hossum, Bill Goff...I miss you).
16.   Exercise your mind as well as your body. Your brain is a muscle…flex it!
17.   If you get a shopping cart at Home Depot, you will invariably end up needing a flat-bed instead.
18.   If you have nothing to say, for heaven’s sake, don’t say anything. You will always, ALWAYS, end up saying something you will only regret later.
19.   If you set me up to fail, you will be sadly mistaken. Karma is a bitch. So am I. You will pay me the respect you owe me, because the door swings both ways, and I am not afraid to use it.
20.   And last but not least…get a piggy bank. I have one that a friend gave me a few years back. On a whim, and also from being tired of carrying 5 pounds of loose change around, I tossed it all in there and kept tossing it in as the year went on. With an empty fridge and surrounded by boxes and a hungry family after we moved, I cracked it open and had enough to get dinner at KFC and still had about $25 left over for basics. Still saving and will continue. My checkbook appreciates it, as well as my back.
So…that’s all for 2011…2012 promises much more all around, including another book in THE DANTE CHRONICLES series. I wish you peace, love, happiness and most of all...a little dancing in your life.
- D!

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Rick Rodriguez on Saturday, December 31, 2011 7:54 PM
Deborah Rae, Thanks for the inspirational words in this post and for your book. I am making progress with it. I wish you continued progress with your aspirations and goals. You are making an impact!!
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