Interview with Corson Dante
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Interview with Corson Dante

Last week, while sitting in my room writing, it became incredibly cold. It was then I realized I was being paid a visit by an old friend. The conversation that follows is a word for word interview that I had with Corson Dante.
DC: What brings you here?
CD: Wanted to s-s-see where you worked? How you l-l-live. It’s b-been awhile.
DC: Yes. Yes it has. Where have you been? Where were you?
CD: Around.
DC: I see. When you say ‘around’ you mean the city, this plane...this...
CD: I m-m-mean ‘around.’ Here! You mean you have n-not f-f-felt me? After all w-we’ve b-b-been through together? Didn’t our t-t-t-time together m-mean anything t-t-to you?
DC: Cut that out. I told you not to go there with me. Ever!
CD: Settle d-down, s-s-settle down. I’m just kid-d-ding.
DC: Corson, as I have no sense of humor.
CD: Come n-now. Just ask Asht-t-teroth...he knows what a k-k-kidder I am. Or M-M-Mother...ask her. Sh-she knows.
DC: How is your mother?
CD: D-Drugged. Thanks t-to your b-b-buddy Dave. She is c-c-constantly j-juiced.
DC: She was dangerous.
CD: She is j-j-just b-being herself! Is that n-n-not what y-y-your little d-d-do-good-d-er Royals b-believe? Their R-R-Reformation is b-built on that p-p-premise, is it n-not?
DC: Yes, it is. Calm down, Corson...
DC: I think you better go.  You are not welcome here, you are not welcome here, you are not...
CD: Wait...
DC: What?
CD: I am...I am...
DC: You are not wel...
CD: I am...sorry.
DC: Are you really?
CD: No.
DC: Then why say what you don’t mean?
CD: Because...I w-want to s-s-stay and I alw-ways d-do whatev-v-er I have to, t-t-to g-get what I w-w-want.
DC: Nothing’s changed then?
CD: No. N-Nothings changed...b-but it c-c-could. If m-my Uncle g-g-gets his w-way.
DC: Your Uncle?
CD: Yes. Y-You have n-not m-m-met him yet?
DC: No.
CD: You will.
DC: What is he planning to do?
CD: You w-will s-see. It will b-b-be s-spec-t-tacular.
DC: Here or in The Dominion?
CD: I m-m-must go n-now. M-Mother is calling.
DC: Wait...what is your Uncle up to? What is his name? Who is he?
CD: Mother s-sends her l-love. Farewell, Deborah.
DC: Wait...Corson...what...?
CD: Stupid human fools!

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