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December 2011

A Novel Approach…

Today, while I work on getting The Brotherhood formatted and loaded for print, I have a special guest.Chris Messer (elementary school teacher, husband, father, and long-time family friend) who is a very thoughtful scribe and should really consider writing his own novel (hint, hint), has graciously agreed to be my guest blogger. Thanks, Chris! Enjoy!
In today’s gratify-me-now culture, reading books seems a bitof an unconventional way to pass the time, especially if you are a kid.

Tattoos and the Mark S. Nelson

In the process of researching the next six books, I've reached out to friends and friends of friends for pictures of their tatoos.
My friend, Mark, who will also be a guest blogger here in the coming months, turned his entry on tatooing into a blog entry of his own. Please check out his brilliant blog and this recent entry. He's witty and smart and I think you'll enjoy it!!

The Ref; 1994 - Movie Review

     I have never been the sappy movie type, so when it comes to Christmas you will not find me in front of the TV watching Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed in “It’s a Wonderful Life” or a young Natalie Wood teaching Santa how to properly blow bubbles with bubble gum in “Miracle on 34 Street”…not that I don’t enjoy those movies…I just don’t seek them out to watch them…but, the movie I do look forward to, starting from Thanksgiving on, is“The Ref”- 1994

Self-Publishing Taboo?

This week I’ve readnumerous blogs, articles and personal comments from writers and wanna-bees, tryingto downplay, and almost frighten people of self-publishing.  In everything I’ve read, I walked away with areally, funny feeling and a constant, nagging question: Who are you trying toconvince…me or you?
The current popularityof what was once known as the “vanity” press has gone from the household noveltyto a tool for the everyman to stake their claim in the writing world. Several authorswho chose to go the independent route have made a name for themselves, and evengarnered a “traditional” publishing contract.

Interview with Corson Dante

Last week, while sitting in my room writing, it became incredibly cold. It was then I realized I was being paid a visit by an old friend. The conversation that follows is a word for word interview that I had with Corson Dante.
DC: What bringsyouhere?
CD: Wanted to s-s-see where you worked? How you l-l-live. It’s b-been awhile.
DC: Yes. Yes it has. Where have you been? Where were you?
CD: Around.
DC: I see. When you say ‘around’ you mean the city,this plane...this...
CD: I m-m-mean ‘around.

Quirky little bits

Conversations take on a whole different feel when you tell people you’ve written a novel. They are either impressed, and feel an inordinate need to exploit their extensive vocabulary; or they become so intimidated that they don’t speak at all. Some become so tongue tied that they actually don’t make sense and end up asking bizarre questions and don’t realize it. It’s these quirky little questions that I want to address.
“Does your family own a bar?”
No, we don’t own a bar. We’ve visited bars, been known to swing from them occasionally, and even eaten the candy type, but do not own one.