The Birth of a Villain; Corson is revealed.
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The Birth of a Villain; Corson is revealed.

The Birth of Corson…
Driving myself into work one morning, heading East on I-580 from the 238 connector on a four-lane highway in a moderate amount of traffic, listening to Eric Clapton tell me how he wants to change the world, I discovered a new person in my psyche. Most writers will tell you that the characters in their books are merely extensions of themselves, and to a certain extent, it is true. Sometimes, we make frightening discoveries, and other times, a welcome surprise.
Since my drive into the office is against the commute (opposite of the big cities and bridges) there are usually very few jams or gnarls to hold me up. Just one of approximately seventy or so cars that regularly head in the same direction with the sun in our eyes, but as we pass the last available exit for the next five miles, I look ahead, and in front of us is a virtual parking lot.
With red lights to the left, right and in front of me, I knew there had to be some kind of terrible accident ahead, or the possibility of a deer accidentally becoming someone’s new hood ornament. Sitting idle in lane number two, I notice that cars are still moving quickly in the fast lane; my regular morning commute buddies notice it too. Mr. ‘5150MFR’ in his metallic grey GMC and Ms. ‘BMRBBY’ in her silver Z3, start to make their migration there and I think, perhaps, I should too, but, in the time it takes me to make up my mind if I should or shouldn’t, everyone else decided to move too.
Still trying to make my way into lane three, while continually inching down the highway, I notice the black VW Bug ahead of me weaving slightly to the far sides of his lane; the driver’s head weaving even further to get a better look at what is ahead. Curious to see what he was looking for, and not eager to run into him or be run into from behind, I stay in my lane, and watch as the driver of the blue SUV in the lead, guns the engine, and burns a few thousand miles off of his Goodyear’s to pass what I can now see to be the culprit behind the traffic jam.
The brand new, customized, pearl-white Escalade with gold rims and no plates is having trouble staying in one lane. It starts in one, drifts to two, stays in two for awhile, drifts to three, then abruptly moves all the way back to one.
Always one to give benefit of the doubt to anyone in trouble, I thought perhaps it was an elderly person who was ill, or maybe someone who had been on the road too long and was falling asleep or had a heart attack or stroke. Without plates, there was no way to call it in to the highway patrol, so after the black Bug made it past, I took my turn playing chicken with the white behemoth, and made my way past slowly. When I got a good look at the driver, and learned the reason the vehicle was so erratic, I saw RED!
Please keep in mind when I explain this, that I am a woman, and I will be the first one to stand up for any of my sisters who are wronged, patronized, used or abused…BUT, this chick, was holding the phone up between her shoulder and ear, talking up a storm, while polishing her nails on the dashboard, and “driving” at the same time. Please note that I call this gal ‘chick’, because I personally know of NO self-respecting grown woman who would do this!
As I pass, the chick starts to weave into me. I blast my horn, scare her and she swerves onto the shoulder, nearly running into the sign indicating the upcoming Dublin exit. Throwing my car into third, I hit the gas, and make my way to work.
Still steaming over the incredible event that caused the traffic, not to mention the fact that I was twelve minutes late, I sit in my office and try to calm myself down. Opening an email, I start to write to my sister to tell her what happened, but instead, a verbal tirade starts pouring from my fingers…
“It is utterly unfathomable how a civilization that utilizes no more than a quarter of its entire brain mass on a regular basis, could possibly have survived for any great length of time. Stupid human fools.”
Out of anger, frustration and a complete lack of common sense on the part of a Cadillac Escalade driver…my villain, Corson, was born.
There is a part of him, which is a part of me; just as there is in the heroes too. I just hope that, for the sake of those around me, there is more of the good characters in me, than there is of him.

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