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Do you have what it takes to be a member?

Do you have what it takes to be a member of The Kindred?
The Kindred, as well as being the name of my novel, refers to a group of misfits who band together to fight evil…but who are they exactly?
The idea came to me when, at a family function, I sat back and watched how everyone interacted with each other. My entire family thought I was angry because I wasn’t talking, when in fact what I was doing was analyzing their actions and contra-actions to events going on. I learned that day that each of my family members fills a certain “position” in the family, and each carry out certain duties in the line. They consist of the PEACEMAKER, the SOLDIER, the EMPATH, the HEALER, the HUNTER, the INVENTOR, the SCHOLAR and the VOX.
In my novel, each of these key players has a particular place in the line. Here are the traits that my characters follow, taken directly from my strange and amazing family:
PEACEMAKER, is the one that calms the rough waters when things start to get out of control. With just a word or two, or sometimes just by walking in the room, they can control any chaotic situation and bring about order and balance.
SOLDIER, isn’t necessarily a real soldier as in ex-military, but they have a uniform way of handling themselves. There is a constant about them that makes them loyal and trustworthy, but they also have an expectation level that is sometimes hard to meet by themselves and others.
EMPATH is the emotional and delicate one that feels everyone’s pain as well as their happiness. Their level of excitement is extreme from one end of the spectrum to the other and needs to center themselves regularly to make sure they don’t burn themselves out.
HEALER, is in some ways like the peacemaker, but what the peacemaker brings to a situation, the healer brings to the individual, by fixing ails, physiological or psychological, and all that is broken.
HUNTER, is a provider, and makes it their job to bring to those they care about, whatever they need. Their protective nature makes them anxious when they feel ineffective, and can’t see to obtaining their “prey”, or find that something is in their way of getting what they want. If you dare to attack one of those they seek to protect, watch out, or you will learn just exactly how good a hunter they really are.
INVENTOR, is usually touching every thing, trying to figure it out. When a plan isn’t coming together quite right, this bright, observant mind will have it coordinated, re-organized and executed in a blink. They see the big picture without being asked, because their vision sees only the big picture. Things requiring fine details, like relationships, usually slip right past them.
SCHOLAR, is always buried in a book or taking a class, forever wanting the answer to the question, “why?” They know many, many, MANY people who are in all different walks of life, and form great friendships with them because of one key trait that makes them who they are…they listen. It’s their love of learning that has taught them, that listening is the greatest tool to any classroom in life.
VOX, is not just the person who talks the most, even though they do, but they are the one with a voice that has the power to command, confuse, con and console, because they speak not just to the ear of the listener, but to their heart and soul. Similar to the empath, they feel everything from others, but can actively channel that emotion through themselves, and turn a situation around to a more beneficial outcome.
So….take a look at your family, and see how many of your kin fit into these positions. My guess is there is more than one job that they each fill…and while you’re at it…where do YOU fit in?

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