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My Blog

November 2011

Cast The Kindred...

Late votes net an Executive decision by yours truly...we are going with Dermot Mulroney (a personal pick by reader; Leesa Paige DeJager)
Now let's cast the Ladies...First up, Helen (Young) Dante
I wrote her with Kate Beckinale in mind. Her character is feisty, a chef, dark hair and eyes, headstrong and is the love of Bill's life.
You have until tomorrow, Wedneday, Dec. 7th @ 8pm PST.   GO!!!
Bill (Belial) Dante -WINNER: DENNIS QUAID

When's the next book?

Someone asked me the funniest thing today…“So, when is the next book coming out?”
I reminded them that The Brotherhood is due out in January of 2012…
They said, “No…theNEXTone…”
(Writer rolls her eyes and sighs…)
Well, probably Valentine’s Day 2013, I said, to which my friend asked, “Whythen?”
My plan for The Dante Chronicles was to publish a book for all the big holidays thatmyfamily gets together, ending it during my favorite time: Halloween to Thanksgiving.
When my family gets together on holidays, there is a lot of food, drink, music and laughter.

We're movin' on up!

As our buddy ‘Bryant’ would say...,”We’s all growed up now!”
The old Kindred website has been replaced by a new and improved, interactive site where you can join the mailing list, join in on upcoming games and post comments to blogs and/or subscribe to it. This site makes it easier for me to post up to the minute info for you and let you know what’s going on in the world of The Dominion and between my ears more efficiently. It’s more accessible to both you, and me.
The move was a tough decision to make and even harder deciding on a design; but the one thing I was sure of was I wanted the domain name all to my own.

To Write or Not to Write

Those people that are closest to me know what a tough couple of years life has been for my family and me and the first thing out of their mouths when they find out that I am a writer is…”HOW?” and the second is “WHEN?”
My response to them is usually, “With a pen and always…”
Because the only thing to hold you back, is fear.
Fear, I think, is one of the greatest inspirations to art. It drives you to succeed, compels you to push that dark and dreary feeling, that useless wasted emotion, and the insecurity out of your heart and soul and make peace with yourself.

The Challenge of the Sequel

So, here I am, writing a sequel to my first published novel and I find myself having to stop and take a breather over and over…because I’m writing too much.
I know, I know…You’re probably thinking, “How can you write too much?”
Well…to better explain myself…I’m writing too far ahead in the story.
In my mind, I already have the next seven books scoped out. I already know where Eli and the gang are when I end this saga. I’ve seen the end, or beginning, depending on how you view book 8 when we get there.

Opening Lines

An opening line can sometimes make or break a book; it can compel the reader on to the next chapter or force them to close the book for good. Just like the common pick-up line, some are old and used up while others are unique and as different as the people who use them.
I took a break this weekend from writing because I couldn’t come up with a decent opening sentence for the chapter I am writing. Not ‘writer’s block’ per say, but, I just could not find a good hook to lure you in with. Instead, I looked for some of the great opening lines that bought me drinks and dinner and ultimately joined me in bed.

To "Foodie" or not to "Foodie"

The Kindredrevolves around a family, and when you have a story about a family, the one constant, is food.
My closest friends call me a “foodie”, but that just means I am enthusiastic about food and its preparation. I think I am much more than enthusiastic about food…I am madly, passionately, faithfully, head-over-heels in love with food. Previous relationships with boyfriends pale in comparison to my love affair with food. Never have I put a pot roast in a crock pot with onion soup and a beer, and come back to find it cheating on me after a few hours; it was always there, waiting for me…hot, moist, tender, and ready to comfort me over garlic mashed potatoes.

Do you have what it takes to be a member?

Do you have what it takes to be a member ofThe Kindred?
The Kindred, as well as being the name of my novel, refers to a group of misfits who band together to fight evil…but who are they exactly?
The idea came to me when, at a family function, I sat back and watched how everyone interacted with each other. My entire family thought I was angry because I wasn’t talking, when in fact what I was doing was analyzing their actions and contra-actions to events going on. I learned that day that each of my family members fills a certain “position” in the family, and each carry out certain duties in the line.

The Birth of a Villain; Corson is revealed.

The Birth of Corson…
Driving myself into work one morning, heading East on I-580 from the 238 connector on a four-lane highway in a moderate amount of traffic, listening to Eric Clapton tell me how he wants to change the world, I discovered a new person in my psyche. Most writers will tell you that the characters in their books are merely extensions of themselves, and to a certain extent, it is true. Sometimes, we make frightening discoveries, and other times, a welcome surprise.
Since my drive into the office is against the commute (opposite of the big cities and bridges) there are usually very few jams or gnarls to hold me up.

Reader Q & A...

During this whole process, several people have asked me some interesting questions, and I thought I’d use this venue to answer them. Seeing as how this is my first official blog entry, I felt it might be a good place to start.
Q: What made you decide to self-publish?
Of the 37% of the agents and publishers that responded to my 400+ query letters, the answers followed a pattern; they all seemed to think my ideas were exciting, my writing was solid, but my subject matter was not on their current wish list, or they claimed they couldn’t afford to take on another client financially.

My Interview with Brooklyn Fit-Chick

Recently I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Brooklyn Fit Chick; Certified Fitness instructor/blogger/bike enthusiast and best friend, about my upcoming releaseThe BrotherhoodandThe Dante Chroniclesin general.
BFC: What is the name of your book?
D: It’s called The Brotherhood, it’s the sequel to my first novel, The Kindred and the second in the series of The Dante Chronicles.
BFC:Where did the idea for the story originate?
D: I’ve been dabbling with the characters for over ten years and they’ve been through many migrations and adventures until one day I tried telling a story with a group of them.

It's here... (8/31/10)

412 letters/emails to literary agents and publishing houses
57 re-writes and re-reads.
37 return letters saying “Your ideas are great and your writing is solid, but…”
13 reams of paper
10 different reference books.
8 Composition notebooks
7 toner cartridges
6 BIC Blue Crystal pens
5.5 chapter cuts
5 rolls of film
4 chapter merges
3 editors
2 1/2 years later…
1 published novel.
It isn’t the greatest or most perfect, but it’s mine.
Thank you for experiencing these last few weeks with me. I appreciate your support and kindness.

Welcome to my page (7/9/07)

So, it's finally here...or, almost here. The Kindred is finished, and is now being formatted and reworked in HTML to suit a Kindle and I am awaiting my proof from Creative Space for the print copy. Little by little, it is all coming together and this blog will be used to keep you up to date with the progress and maybe a little about how I came to write The Kindred...I'm very excited about the upcoming release and can't wait to share it with you.
This truly is a labor of love. What started out an everyday practice, turned into a burning passion.